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PWM Asks for Compact, Contiguous, and Fair Redistricting

At the Sept 8th hearing of the Commission charged with redistricting Nassau County Legislative districts, Judy Esterquest represented the LWV of PWM.  She described Legislative District 9, “which includes the TNH Town Hall, looks like districts where politicians choose their voters — not where voters do the choosing. Similar to the 1812 district that inspired the word “gerrymander,” District 9 is a monstrous horned creature, rearing back on a long, long neck, with a misshapen, almost cloven, body. It appears as an extreme partisan gerrymander, snaking east and west to aggregate isolated enclaves of selected voters — its perimeter defined by no natural borders.  It brings together no communities of interest, only 7 fractured school districts and many fractured villages. …”

The testimony included a map of the district and described what “fair would look like” …

Redistricting Testimony LWVPWM Esterquest 8Sept22


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