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Upcoming Elections (December to October)

Elections Aren’t JUST in November

There is an annual cycle of local elections.

When you vote in these local elections, your vote carries more weight — both because there are fewer eligible voters and because turnout can be low.  A surprising number of local elections are determined by a mere handful of votes.
These are important elections because trustees and commissioners of special districts, along with town/city and county representatives, often have more direct effects on you and your community than federal or even state office-holders.

Your address determines where/when you can vote

December — 2nd Tuesday — Special Districts
Voters select commissioners and approve budgets

In Manhasset:

In Port Washington:

April 2 — Presidential Primary Elections for Democratic & Republic Parties

Voters may vote ONLY if they are registered in one of these two parties (see way below for more details & dates, including early voting & absentee ballots)

April/May — Date TBD — Public Libraries
Voters select trustees and approve budgets

May/June — Date TBD — Boards of Education
Voters select trustees and approve budgets

June  — Party Primaries for NYS Representatives

NYS has “closed primaries,” meaning that only voters registered with a specific party can vote in that party’s primary.  The candidate who wins a primary will be on that party’s “line” on the General (November) Election ballot. Primaries are only held when more than one candidate is vying for that party’s line.  Some third parties determine their ballot lines during spring conventions.
Candidates who are on the ballot in November only participate in a primary election if their party line is contested (if more than one candidate earns a place on the primary ballot).

      • New York State Offices — elections in even years
        • State-wide offices: Governor/Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General  — staggered 4-year terms
        • Assembly & Senate (by district): 2-year terms
      • Nassau County — elections in odd years
        • County-wide: Executive, Clerk, Comptroller, District Attorney  — 2 yrs
        • County Legislators (by district): 2-yrs
      • Town of North Hempstead — elections in odd years
        • Town-wide: Supervisor (2-yrs), Receiver of Taxes & Clerk (4-yrs)
        • Town Council (by district): 2-yrs
      • City of Glen Cove — elections in odd years
        • Mayor: 2 yrs
        • City Council (at large): 2 yrs

Village & Hamlet Elections — election dates aren’t standardized

Key Dates in NYS for Presidential Primary

Feb 14 — Change of Party Affiliation: New York’s closed primary system means that any requests to change party affiliation must be received no later than February 14.

March 23 — Last day for BOE to receive registrations & Last day for Absentee Ballots to be received: Other key dates include March 23, the last day the state Board of Elections can receive registrations, as well as the date that all absentee applications must be received by the board.

March 23 – March 30 — Early Voting for Presidential Primary Election: The early voting period for the primary is March 23 through March 30. April 1 is the last day to apply to vote absentee in person, while all ballots received must be postmarked no later than April 2.

April 2 — Presidential Primary Election Day: Voters can vote — at their regular polling site — in the primary of the party in which they are registered