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Nassau County Redistricting Process Needs Greater Transparency

On September 8, Regina Goutevenier, President of our PWM League testified on behalf of Nassau County League.

She noted that at the August 31 hearing, Commissioner Mejias explained:

“the maps … proposed by both delegations are to be made public by 5pm on November 10th and then sent to the legislature 3.5 hours later.  … So the public has 1 hour between 5 and 6pm to review the maps that may rule its government for the next ten years.”

President Goutevenier commented, “This proposed process is unacceptable. It allows only pro forma public comment, but not even pro forma map amendment by the Commission. It is neither ‘fair nor transparent,’ as it violates key elements of your charge from the Legislature, state and federal laws.”

Testimony on Redistricting 9-8-22 Regina Goutevenier


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