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Local League News

Local League News

Rochester Metro
The Rochester Metro League’s 2022 GOTV includes getting local fire stations involved! Thanks to Annette Hunt of the Voting Rights Task Force, the League has two messages displayed on the message board outside of a local firehouse. The signs were Annette’s idea and she followed through with making it happen.

Through October 14th, the board displayed the messages “Don’t forget to register to vote by 10/14. Your voice can shape the future,” and “Text VOTENY to 474747 for voting information.” From October 29th to November 6th, the boards will cycle through the messages “Go to www.vote411.org. Elect candidates who represent your beliefs,” and “Your vote can be cast at ANY Early Voting Location.”

North Country League / St. Lawrence County
North Country League member Donna Seymour hosts North Country Matters, a local public affairs video magazine. She and president of the St. Lawrence County League Kathleen Stein hosted two episodes focused on voter education for the 2022 election. The first episode, “Your 2022 Ballot,” focused on the candidates, the changes voters will find in some election districts, as well as where to get more information. The second episode, “How to Judge a Candidate,” had Donna and Kathleen discuss some of the tips and tools voters can use to judge a candidate in preparation for the election.

Saratoga County
The Saratoga County League recently hosted “Ensuring Fair, Accessible, and Accurate Elections,” a virtual presentation on election integrity. The presentation was led by Dr. Christopher Mann, a scholar and professor of political science at Skidmore College and a member of the Advisory Board at the MIT Election Data and Science Lab. Pulling from his three-decade career voting rights, election administration, and voter participation, Dr. Mann discussed the policies and procedures that are essential to ensuring that every vote counts, as well as what voters have a right to expect when they go to a polling place to ensure a neutral, harassment-free environment.

Rensselaer County / Albany County
The Rensselaer County and Albany County Leagues have partnered with the Capital District Urban League to buy ad space on busses in the Capitol Region! The bus ads promote Vote411.org and display voting dates for the November election. The ads will appear on the backs of buses that drive on 18-20 routes in the Capitol Region.

Westchester County
The Westchester League held an event focused on disinformation and toxic speech on social media. “Lies and Liberty: The Future of Free Speech in a Divided America” was hosted by David McCraw, SVP and Deputy General Counsel of The New York Times and author of Truth in Our Times and Andrew Katell, a journalist for the Associated Press. The speakers discussed the daunting challenge that America faces of creating a digital information ecosystem that is vibrant and healthy while honoring and protecting the tradition of press freedom that has been central to the American experience.

The New York City League is keeping busy this election season. Leading up to this November’s midterm elections the League has received a large number of requests for help registering voters and getting out the vote. The Voter Services Committee scheduled over 50 voter registration events! The New York City League has formed a working partnership with the NY Public Library to provide get out the vote events at 35 library branches around the Bronx and Manhattan, and is also working with organizations such as the YMCA, CIAD, and other library branches

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