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What LWV PWM Is Doing

See video of our most recent educational event: an evening with Neal Simon, author of Contract for America: Ten Reforms to Reclaim our Republic, posted on LWVofPWM YouTube.

The LWV Port Washington/Manhasset is actively engaged on Electoral Reform issues. We are looking to work with members who share the belief that we must improve the ways we elect our leaders to build a stronger democracy in the 21st century. Voters who don’t feel heard don’t engage. Engaging voters motivates them to do the work that democracy requires.

We established our Electoral Reform Committee in the spring of 2021. This is an issue area with many opportunities to improve our elections and voting; this committee seeks to be an inclusive umbrella for those seeking specific reforms — both those already supported by League positions and those needing studies because no position yet exists. Here are a few highlights of our first year:

Building a base within our own League

    • We educated ourselves on the LWVUS Electoral Systems position, adopted at the 2020 National Convention, by concurrence. We met and interviewed the authors of the US new position, who were instrumental in drafting and advocating for their state positions over the past twenty years LWVUS Electoral Systems position is available here
    • At the request of the LWVPWM Board, we built a comprehensive study guide based on the work of state Leagues from around the country, and we held education and consensus sessions. Our membership adopted the US position by concurrence so our League can support reforms at the local level. Our Study Packet, with links to multiple state studies is available here
    • We sought to organize a network of advocates within local Leagues within NYS to drive towards achieving a NYS position — a state position would allow more effective advocacy at all levels of NYS government and a statewide network would offer a stronger base for advocacy within the League and in local communities.

Building a network across NYS

    • To accelerate the building of a statewide network, we partnered with LWV of the City of New York to present a caucus at the 2021 NYS Convention. It was well received and we built a base for mobilizing NYS League members.

View Caucus video on our YouTube Channel

    • It became clear that education would be a key to our success so we began learning and discussing the alternatives to plurality voting, such as Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)
    • We are exploiting virtual meeting tools to bridge distances and build teams from distant Leagues

Our Goal: 2023 Convention adoption of a NYS position on Electoral Reform.

If achieving a voting system that better represents the preferences of voters and allows voters to vote their consciences (voting FOR the candidates they prefer) rather than voting strategically (to prevent the candidates they like least from winning), excites you, we would love to work with you.

2022 Goal:  LWV of PWM Adoption of LWV of NYC position 

See the Study Materials we prepared to educate League members prior to Concurrence meeting

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