Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE

Thank you for your membership

Thank you for paying membership dues — you are now a member of our local League, as well as our county, state, and national Leagues.

Your dues payments and volunteer efforts serve our democracy — our local community and our broader community.

Your _____ (amount) and volunteer efforts serve our democracy — our local community and our broader community.

As a grassroots and volunteer organization, much of our effectiveness depends on people like you contributing time and effort

  • Using public forums to educate fellow members and the public
  •  Lobbying public officials in-person and electronically on issues we support
  • Working in coalitions to advocate on issues we support
  • Testifying at public hearings
  • Monitoring elections and other government activities

We depend, however, on dues and contributions to fuel education materials, litigate in the public interest, and create for infrastructure for support our work

  •  Printing LWV pamphlets and brochures that provide voter education on how to vote, who can vote, when to vote — in multiple languages
  •  Technical maintenance of LWV’s award-winning Vote411.org — that offers up-to-date information about who’s on the ballot and their views, whether you are registered, where you can vote, and how you can vote, and more
  •  Litigation by state and national Leagues at levels up to the Supreme Court
    • Voting rights: e.g. undue burdens on absentee voting, unfair purging of rolls
    • Fair redistricting
    • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Climate Change
    • Equal Rights
    • The right to cure absentee ballots (won by LWVNY)
  •  Creating, training, and maintaining LWV tools such as People-Powered Fair Maps

Since its founding, the LWV has worked to improve the legal status of women and the welfare of children; to protect consumers; to obtain Home Rule for the District of Columbia; to further campaign finance reform and equal opportunity in education, employment and housing; to reform the welfare system; and to safeguard clean water and air. From the beginning, the LWV has been devoted to the principle of international cooperation; it supported the League of Nations and has consistently supported the United Nations, and the Trade Agreements Program.

    • STATE

Formed in 1919, the League of Women Voters of New York State has focused on the judicial system, legislative lobby reform, campaign finance reform, election laws, state finances, health care, public education, and the state budget. It has actively sought equitable reapportionment, as well as laws to improve air and water quality, land use, child care and women’s lives.


Local LWVs in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties have formed county inter-League organizations (ILOs). Issues addressed by these groups include solid waste management and reduction, county government structure and services, and land use. Local: Sixty local LWVs have spearheaded improvements in the structure and efficiency of their city, town and village governments, and worked on issues such as public education, housing, health services, racism, local planning, sanitation, recreation, and tax and charter reform.

    • Study

LWVs at each level choose issues for their members to study. Criteria considered when selecting study program:

      • The issue must be one on which governmental action is needed.
      • The issue must fall within the principles of the LWV.
      • The issue must inspire member interest and commitment.
      • Duplication of effort must be avoided.
      • Funds, time, and people must be available to do a thorough job.

Final decisions on state and national programs are made by a vote of the delegates to the respective conventions. At the local level, the voting members in attendance at the annual meeting perform this function.