Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE


Port Washington-Manhasset


People often join our PWM League because they want to educate and advocate for issues they care about  — to serve their local and larger communities, actively engaging in  democracy by working on issues without regard to partisan affiliation. For many issues, our PWM League or the NYS League (or US League) has a policy position that allows advocacy. Issues where we have not yet adopted a position require study and education to gain consensus before we can support them.

We work on a host of issues — and provide numerous community services — some of which are listed below.  Some members offer specialized efforts, a few hours per month. Other members are passionate about their issue, working with our local league, leagues around NYS and the US. Some join their league work with work for other nonpartisan policy organizations.  We can help you find something that will allow you to make a difference — at times and effort levels that work for you.  Join us to help engage our communities and strengthen our democracy.

Other issues we care about — we would value your leadership

  • Equal Rights Act
  • Gun Control
  • Observer Corps
  • Town North Hempstead Housing Election
  • Voter Turnout
  • Vote411.org — outreach to and follow-up with local candidates
  • Other — what matters to you?