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Nassau County Redistricting — Maps & Hearing Feb.16

To The Nassau League Of Women Voters Redistricting Coalition, The League’s Redistricting Committee & Other Interested Parties:

The Nassau County Legislature will hold a
public meeting on Thursday, February 16 at 6:30 p.m.
to address proposed election district maps for the 19 legislative districts.

Location: Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Bldg., Legislative Chamber, 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola.

Public comment will be permitted, limited to 3 minutes.  If you’d like to make an oral statement, fill out one of the forms on the table at the front of the chambers and hand it to the clerk.

If you can’t attend: The meeting will be livestreamed, with a link at https://www.nassaucountyny.gov/489/County-Legislature.

Written public comment may be submitted one of three ways:

(1) Emailing to NCRedistricting@nassaucountyny.gov;

(2) filling out the form at Nassau County, NY (nassaucountyny.gov); or

(3) using the QR code found at the bottom of the meeting notice.

To our knowledge, remote participation will not be available.  In other words, you may watch a livestream of the meeting, but will be unable to make a live statement from a location other than the chambers.



  • There’s no explanation if this was created by the Leg or how it differs from the maps proposed by Republican and Democratic delegations to the Temporary Districting Advisory Commission.
  • See Amended 33-23 Proposed Maps | Nassau County, NY – Official Website (nassaucountyny.gov) for the new map, individual maps of each district and supporting data.  For convenience, the map illustrating all 19 districts is attached.
  • Although we’ve provided links, should you enjoy clicking around the Nassau website we’ll save you some time.  As of this writing the Feb 9 material is not on the Districting Commission’s home page.  It’s accessed from the Legislature home page.  Clicking on ***NEW*** Redistricting Information on the left side of the Leg page takes you to options that include the Feb 9th maps and the current map.  Clicking on the first option, Proposed Redistricting Maps filed on February 9, 2023, takes you to the new maps and underlying data, for which we’ve provided a direct link in the bullet above.

Finally, see also the proposed Local Law the Leg will vote on describing each proposed district by tract and block numbers, likely referring to the Feb 9 districts.

We encourage you to attend this meeting and express any concerns to the Legislature.


Newly Released Map

Notice of Hearing & QR Code

Proposed Local Law



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