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My Love Letter to the League

LWV PWM recently learned of this “Love Letter to the League” published by LWV of California and written by their Executive Director, Stephanie Doute. Although published on Valentine’s Day, we believe love letters are appropriate every day of the year — this one especially, as we all consider what we most value about our democracy and what each of us must do to help protect it. Every day. Because nurturing our democracy nurtures our shared future.

This CA letter reminds us of our pride in the work of our PWM league Keeping voting rights and voter education at the forefront of every election Studying and advocating for issues important for our communities, including:

  • Clean water and air with good stewardship of our planet
  • Affordable access to comprehensive healthcare for everyone
  • Election reform, civil rights, and justice reform
  • Guaranteeing women equal legal status and economic rights
  • Reaching out to friends, neighbors, and strangers to encourage listening, discussion, and finding common ground through civil discourse.

A healthy democracy requires diverse perspectives engaging in deliberation together.

We would love to hear what YOU love about our league’s efforts.
LWV of PWM Board

“Dear Member of the California League of Women Voters:

On January 6, we watched an armed insurrection at the Capital—one that was thwarted, but whose ramifications ring loudly today and well into the future. I was outraged. Shocked. Sad. Scared. How could this be happening?

In the days that followed, I got more sad. More angry. More scared. Not really for me, but for my kids. I have young twin daughters and a teenage son. As I watched the clips of the attacks on the capital over and over, and saw white supremacy, and a committed belief in misinformation, take up arms and attack our government, I grieved for the future they may face.

And I reflected on my privilege—that it took an attempt to overthrow the government for me to feel a tangible despair for my children’s future. I was reminded that many Black parents wake up in fear each day that their children will be unfairly targeted by racist policing and racism in our criminal justice system and they won’t survive it.

And then I understood why the League won my heart—because my core values include empathy, justice, and service. Our democracy, with all of its imperfections, demands that we nurture it. Kindness demands that we work for justice. And justice demands that we act with empathy and in the service of others.

And that’s what the League does. We work together for…

  • improved voter access
  • people powered fair maps to ensure fair representation in redistricting,
  • policies that end racial bias in our criminal justice system,
  • policies to fight climate change
  • solutions for people who are experiencing housing insecurity
  • access to quality education

We work to bend the arc toward justice. We work in the service of humanity and a more equitable human experience.

And it gives me hope. For my kids. For your kids. For our grandkids. The League allows me to walk and work with all of you in hope—not fear. To see the events of January 6, and to face fear by doubling down together on our values and work to create a more just world for our kids.

Take a minute today and think about what you love about the League and the future we are working together to build … so that together we can keep creating a better, more just, and more equitable future.

In League,

Stephanie Doute, Executive Director League of Women Voters of California”


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