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PWM Local Officeholders – TRY Booklet


The NYS League offers a Find Your Elected Officials tool.
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Each year, the League of Women Voters of Nassau County compiles and publishes a Directory of Public Officials, entitled TRY (They Represent You). It lists officials by district and office at various levels of government (local, town/city, county, state, and federal) — with their names and contact information (office address, telephone number, and e-mail):

    • Washington, DC (federal)
    • Albany (state)
    • Mineola (county)
    • City/Town and Village
    • Some Special Districts (water, park)

You’ll find maps, salaries and whether there will be an election for that official in the current year, plus committees for all the Nassau County legislators, in fact, almost everything you need to know about your public officials in Nassau County.

Donations help the LWV carry out our agenda, particularly our voter service work.  Compiling the detailed information in the TRY booklets is a substantial effort — every year.  We would be most grateful for a small donation $2, $5, or whatever you wish.


To view the current Online Directory, click here.

How to Order a Printed Copy of 2021 TRY Nassau County

To receive a printed copy of the 2021 TRY NASSAU COUNTY Booklet, please make your check ($2 per booklet with whatever donation you wish) payable to The League of Women Voters of Nassau County and send it with your request for TRY booklet(s) and your mailing address to the League of Women Voters of Nassau County at PO Box 305, Port Washington, NY 11050.

Downloadable PDF 2022 TRY Nassau County

The 2022 TRY booklets are in process of being prepared (ETA spring 2022), we plan to offer a PDF version that can be downloaded here, for which we would very much appreciate a donation (tax deductible).  Alternatively, you can order one by mail by downloading and completing this form, and the new booklet will be sent to you when it is ready. [Note: the two links above are under construction and will become live soon.]. 

Elections & Terms

Primary Elections for the two major parties in NYS occur in June prior to the General Election in November and occur when more than one candidate in a party vies to win that party’s nomination on the General Election ballot.

General Elections for the US President & Vice President (on a joint ballot for 4-year terms) occur in even years divisible by four. Members of Congress (2-year terms) and U.S. Senators (6-year terms) occur in even numbered years, as do elections of NYS Assembly Members (2-year terms) and NYS Senators (2-year terms).

Statewide elections for NYS Governor & Lieutenant Governor (on a joint ballot), Comptroller, Attorney General (all for 4-year terms) are held in even years, midway between Presidential terms.

Local elections for County Supervisors and Legislators, and Town/City Executives/Mayors and Council Members are usually held in odd years.

Special districts usually run their own elections, separate from the Board of Elections. Elections for Commissioners of Police, Fire, Water, and Parks usually occur in December. Elections for Trustees for Boards of Education (School Boards) and Public Libraries (Library Boards) occur in April to June.

To receive TRY booklet for Suffolk County

If you are interested in getting the TRY booklet for Suffolk County, please click here

Donations help the LWV carry out our agenda, particularly our voter service work. The requested donation for a single copy, mailed to you, is $2.00. We would be most grateful if you would consider adding a small additional donation to this amount.

Please make your check payable to the League of Women Voters of Suffolk County and send it with your mailing address to the League of Women Voters of Suffolk County at PO Box 1440, Stony Brook, NY 11790

Both online versions of the TRY Booklets are updated throughout the year.

Ask a Question — Offer to Help

If you have questions or would like to help with this effort, please email: Volunteer@LWVofPWM.org