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League Testimony to Town North Hempstead: Repeal Code 40A

In August and September 2022, the Town of North Hempstead Council considered whether to repeal a section of the Town Code established in 1971. Adopted in response to NYS legalizing abortion, the code restricted where termination procedures to hospitals and hospital-supervised facilities, establishing both civil and criminal consequences for violators.  On September 1, the Council voted unanimously to repeal that section of the Town Code.

The President of the LWV of PWM and the Chair of the LWV of Great Neck sent a letter to the Town Council for the first hearing on August 3, 2022.

Final LWV Letter to TNH on lifting 1971 law

Additional League of PWM members spoke at the September hearing.

Testimony JBE TNH 9-1-22 Repeal Town Code

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