Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE

Join the LWV of Port Washington

Join the LWV of Port Washington-Manhasset

Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to everyone over age 16, and it’s “not for women only.” There are over 40 local Leagues across New York State and over 700 across the country. When you join our League, you also become a member of Nassau County, NYS and the national Leagues. This membership opens resources for learning about well-studied issues; opportunities to get involved in local, state and national issues; and some of the most interesting, informed, and engaged people you will meet in any organization.


Memberships, contributions above dues (both taxable), and donations to our Education Fund (tax deductible) keep us running. To learn more about how we use your dues and gifts, scroll down.

Please use our secure payment button (below) to pay your annual dues (July 1 to June 30 of each year) and to make a gift (donation or contribution), if you can.

If you choose to pay online, a 2.9% bank fee will be added to the payment amount. If you prefer to pay only the dues amount, please scroll down to the instructions for paying by check. If you have questions or concerns, please email President.LWVPWM@gmail.com .

Note, our annual dues are as follows:

  •  Regular Members: $60 (with fee $61.75)
  • Regular Member plus one Household Member (same address): $90 (with fee $92.60)
  •  Regular Member plus two Household Members (same address: $120 (with fee $123.50)
  • ·Fifty-Year Members (who have been active in the League for 50 years or more): free


Individual Membership – Yearly $60.00 USDHousehold Membership – Yearly $90.00 USDStudent Membership – Yearly $25.00 USD


  • For Membership Dues or Contribution Gift to LWVPWM – Please make out vour check to: LWVPWM
  • For a Donation Gift to our Education Foundation: Please make out your check to: LWVNYSEF–PWME
  • Mail check, with your name, street address, phone number(s), and email — and, if you are paying for additional household members, the name, phone number, and email for each member to be added:LWVPWM P.O. Box 305 Port Washington, New York 11050


Because you want to make a difference. You know the future depends on people like you — people learning about the issues, discussing pro’s and con’s civilly with those who disagree or seek clarification, speaking out in ways that make people feel included and respected, rather than excluded, and seeking positive, pragmatic, reasonable solutions to the challenges we face in our communities and our country.

When you join the League of Women Voters, you’re doing something good for democracy — and good for yourself. As a member of the League, you will:

  • Stay informed about issues and government— engaging with others who seek to learn about issues we can address together by advocating for legislation and with government officials
  • Make your voice heard — as an engaged citizen and as a member of the most respected nonpartisan political organization in our country, an organization known for making a difference
  • Sharpen Your Skills — as you join experienced advocates for our Democracy who carry on a legacy dating back for more than a century


Today, the League at all levels is engaged in an exciting new effort to address the distrust and hostility that dominate public debate in America:

  • We’re Advocating for changes in the political process, including campaign finance reform that will reduce special interest influence and make elections fair
  • We’re Getting Voters to the polls, because the system won’t change unless we, all together, hold government accountable and vote.
  • We’re Creating Opportunities for citizens to come together to discuss issues and shape solutions for the future.
  • We’re Educating Citizens, giving them the knowledge and the tools they need.