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Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.    JOIN/RENEWGIVE

Best Way to Get Ready for the 2012 Elections? Consult the League’s On-line VOTE411 Voters Guide

The League of Women Voters of Nassau County is working with other Leagues throughout New York state to produce electronic voter’s guides for this year’s NY State primary (September 13) and general elections on November 6th. It’s easy to find out about your candidates by using the Vote411 system. Just go to vote411.org and follow the prompts to reach your own particular selection of candidates. There is a wealth of information on this site about voting, upcoming races, and the whole election process. If you or your friends need to check on your new voting districts, you may access them at: latfor.state.ny.us/maps.

Remember – be certain that you, your family and your friends are registered to vote (last day to register for November election is October 12). Our own Cathy Persons will have her team out to register voters at our libraries, supermarkets and local colleges. If you’d like to volunteer to register new voters, give Cathy a call at: 767-1776. Locate your polling place (it may have changed) and, most of all: know your candidates and VOTE!

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